Why Raw?

Plant based Foods(Raw Fruits And Vegetables, Sprouted Nuts,Seeds And Grains),That’s Not Been Heated Above 112 Degrees are easier for your body to digest. This prvides you  with nutrients that can be absorbed more quickly in your body.  The benefits of raw living is higher levels of enery and more vibrant health.


One of the main reasons that the raw dessert is good for you is the enzymes that exist in only raw foods.  Cooking food (anything over 112 degrees) destroys all its enzymes.  Enzymes are pivotal to our bodies – life literally depends on enzymes.  We need enzymes for every function, including walking, talking and breathing.

Your body has a natural reserve of enzymes, and these cannot be replenished.  As we age, our bodies’ enzyme source begins to dwindle away each year.  When we eat cooked foods, these enzymes are being used for digestion, and the food that is not as rapidly digested stores in our bodies as toxins, leading to disease.  When we eat raw foods, however, these foods are full of enzymes, allowing them to be digested by their own enzymes, not essentially “stealing” from your body.

Acid Alkaline Balance

Food has a tremendous effect on the acid-alkaline balance in your body.  When your body has too much acidity, you will most likely have acute or chronic diseases.  Many common symptoms of an overly acidic body are arthritis, depression, headaches, lethargy, gastritis, fatigue, muscle stiffness, stomach aches, constipation, irritability, acid reflux, and sleep problems.

Eating raw is the best way to ensure your body’s optimal pH balance.